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Founder/Managing Director

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      Jamie set up MYPATH shortly after COVID to increase access to high quality, engaging careers education for all students. Jamie's background is in youth work and education and he loves the opportunity to get creative with the work that he does. Jamie is a L6 qualified Careers Advisor with over 10 years experience, working in the careers education sector. 



Schools and Colleges Associate

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      With over 8 years experience in the careers sector, working in a range of roles, Cheryl is a L6 qualified Careers Advisor and active member of the careers community. Cheryl is taking a lead on school contracts. Get in touch about utilising MYPATH for careers guidance, careers consultancy and in school events. 



Content Creator 

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      Alex has just finished studying music at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Whilst studying he also spent a lot of time creating music, video content and touring with his band. Alex has joined the MYPATH team to help with all things content! Expect lots more videos and other exciting content.

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